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California Octane

Type :  Hybrid

Parentage :  Dream Queen x I-369 x Papaya

Average THC :  26

Flavor / Taste:  Gas / Fuel, Guava, Creme

Effect :  Potent and Heady

Flowering Time:  60 Days, Oct.1st-15th

California Octane Seeds

Unleash the power of California Octane marijuana seeds, the variety from Humboldt Seed Company! This hybrid sensation features remarkable characteristics that will leave you impressed. From its exotic charm to its unparalleled performance, California Octane marijuana seeds have it all. Discover the secret behind its irresistible appeal and learn more about this strain.

Description: What are California Octane Seeds?

California Octane cannabis seeds are the result of carefully selected parent strains Dream Queen, I-369, and Papaya. As a feminized variety, this strain exhibits a dominance with an Indica tendency and offers a unique terpene profile inherited from its predecessors. Additionally, with a THC level of 26%, California Octane provides a potent experience.


California Octane marijuana seeds produce medium-sized plants with robust branches and super stacked pyramid-shaped buds. The most notable feature is that these buds are adorned with a thick layer of aromatic and sticky resin.

Moreover, the flowers emit a distinctive and intense smell with hints of guava, sweet ice cream, custard, and diesel fuel. They are a visual and olfactory marvel.

– Genetics: Dream Queen, I-369, and Papaya

– Marijuana Seeds: Feminized

– Genotype: Indica dominance

– Indoor Flowering: Up to 60 days

– Outdoor Flowering: October 1st to 15th

– THC: 26%

– Indoor Yield: High

– Outdoor Yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of California Octane seeds?

California Octane cannabis seeds, with a THC content of 26%, are a highly potent and exotic variety. When consumed, it can produce a strong cerebral high that may amplify perception and increase levels of psychoactivity. However, at the same time, the body may experience a release from daily stress and reach a state of relaxation and tranquility.

But the above is not the only remarkable aspect of these marijuana seeds, as the benefits of California Octane go beyond its effects. Cultivators will be delighted with its high-yielding nature and remarkable genetics. It will be the farmer's favorite cultivation!

How should California Octane seeds be consumed for best results?

The best way to experience the effects of California Octane cannabis seeds is through smoking the product produced by its plants. When consumed, the dense smoke carries flavors of sweet guava, custard, and diesel fuel.

As the smoke fills the lungs, users may notice a strong cerebral high that enhances sensory perception while causing feelings of tranquility and peace.

How does the germination process of California Octane seeds work?

Germinating California Octane cannabis seeds is a simple process that offers various options. A common method involves placing the seeds between moist paper towels until they germinate.

Another method is to plant them directly in the soil with the appropriate levels of moisture. Regardless of the method chosen, providing a suitable environment with the right levels of darkness, humidity, and temperature is essential.

Cultivation Guide

California Octane seeds, being predominantly Indica, tend to develop robust plants even in the hands of beginners. It should be mentioned that they respond well to the application of ample fertilizer but can also adapt to lower nutrient levels without compromising their yield.

Whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, the ability of California Octane marijuana seeds to produce impressive yields makes them an attractive choice for all types of growers.

Is it suitable for beginners?

With its Indica dominance and ability to thrive in various conditions, California Octane cannabis seeds are suitable for beginners.

Flowering Time

The indoor flowering time for California Octane seeds is approximately 60 days. In outdoor crops, the flowering period extends during the first two weeks of October.

Germination Time

California Octane marijuana seeds usually have a germination period of 2 to 10 days.

Time to Harvest

When cultivating California Octane outdoors, the optimal harvest period is between October 1st and 15th. For indoor cultivation, the specific harvest time typically occurs after approximately 60 days.

Hydro or Soil?

Both methods are highly beneficial for this strain.

Genetics of California Octane Seeds

The genetics of California Octane cannabis seeds come from the carefully selected cross of Dream Queen with I-369 and Papaya.

Are feminized seeds good for producing large harvests?

Yes, feminized seeds produce large yields as they help to optimize the growing space.