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Autoflower Fem.
Chunkadelic Auto

Type :  Indica dominant (contains rudelaris genetics)

Parentage :  Dark Devil Headband x Magic Melon Auto

Average THC :  20

Flavor / Taste:  Tangerine, Skunk, Gas / Fuel, Cheese

Effect :  Hungry, Giggly

Flowering Time:  75 – 85 days from germination

Chunkadelic Auto Seeds

Introducing Chunkadelic Auto cannabis seeds—unleash your funk spirit! Get ready to groove with Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, a variety that pays homage to the legendary band Parliament Funkadelic.

With buds that boast thickness and deliver that sought-after giggly effect, you can expect a unique experience. Additionally, thanks to Chunkadelic Auto cannabis seeds' THC levels of up to 22% and their Indica dominance, you might find that calming and introspective sensation that greatly improves your mood.

Description: What are Chunkadelic Auto Seeds?

Discover how we've unleashed the power of genetics with Chunkadelic Auto seeds. Born from the mix of the renowned Dark Devil Headband strain and the magical Magic Melon Auto cannabis seeds, Chunkadelic Auto seeds have an Indica dominance that offers a relaxing and reflective experience. And let's not forget about THC levels ranging from 18% to 22%, which will delight those seeking a potent effect.


Get ready to cultivate Chunkadelic Auto cannabis seeds and witness the magic unfold! The plants that produce Chunkadelic Auto seeds have a compact size, making them ideal for any growing environment. But don't let their stature fool you, as their buds are thick, completely covered in trichomes, and display vibrant colors ranging from green to purple.

As for their flavor and aroma, prepare your senses for what's to come. A fruity fragrance with hints of mandarin and melon will fill the room, and on the palate, you'll taste subtle nuances of Diesel and Skunk.

– Genetics: Magic Melon Auto and Dark Devil Headband

– Marijuana Seeds: Feminized Autoflowering

– Genotype: Indica dominance (contains ruderalis genetics)

– Indoor Flowering: 75 to 85 days from germination

– Outdoor Flowering: 75 to 85 days from germination

– THC: 18-22%

– Indoor Yield: Medium 

– Outdoor Yield: Medium

What are the main benefits and effects of Chunkadelic Auto seeds?

With Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds, you can experience the magic within. Let yourself be carried away by their potential calming effects and creative stimulation. They're perfect if you're aiming to do something artistic!

Moreover, you can expect quite generous yields. Among their main benefits, Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds have a life cycle of up to 85 days from germination and offer large-scale production. But that's not all, as their resin-covered buds, being coated in trichomes, are very sticky!

How should Chunkadelic Auto seeds be consumed for the best results?

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey by inhaling the ethereal smoke produced by Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds. Unlock a new dimension where flavors and aromas come to life, merging in vibrant and psychedelic harmony. The citrus and fruity notes of mandarin will make your sense of smell dance. As for the melon flavor combined with hints of Diesel and Skunk, your palate will delight in each puff.

How does the germination process of Chunkadelic Auto seeds work?

Germinating Chunkadelic Auto cannabis seeds is a straightforward process. Whether you use the moist paper towel method, germinate them directly in soil or water, the process is uncomplicated.

Growing Guide

Cultivating Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds is a very easy process. Indoors, their compact structure allows for thriving production, yielding up to 300 grams per square meter in just 85 days life. Outdoors, this versatile hybrid benefits from any style or cultivation method, as these plants are very accommodating and adapt to all types of environments.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Certainly! As mentioned before, they adapt to different indoor and outdoor cultivation styles. Therefore, they are suitable for all levels of experience.

Flowering Time

The life cycle of these autoflowering seeds, both indoors and outdoors, occurs within 75-85 days from germination.

Germination Time

Within 2 to 10 days, Chunkadelic Auto cannabis seeds will have started to germinate.

Time to Harvest

Harvesting of Chunkadelic Auto seeds can be done around 75 to 85 days from germination.

Hydro or Soil?

Whether you opt for the organic charm of soil or prefer the precision of hydroponics, Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds will thrive without any issues.

How tall will they grow?

Both indoors and outdoors, Chunkadelic Auto cannabis plants reach a medium height.

Genetics of Chunkadelic Auto seeds

The parent strains of Chunkadelic Auto marijuana seeds are the renowned Dark Devil Headband and Magic Melon Auto.