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Type :  Sativa dominant

Parentage :  Gazzurple Bx2 x Poddy Mouth x Macaroon

Average THC :  28-33

Flavor / Taste:  Classic Gas / Fuel, Berries, Cream

Effect :  Psychedelic, Energizing, Uplifting

Flowering Time:  50 Days, Sept.20th-Oct.5th

Gazzurple Seeds

Are you ready to delve into a cannabis variety that will ignite your senses? Allow us to introduce Gazzurple marijuana seeds, an extraordinary Sativa-dominant strain with a fascinatingly sweet terpene profile. Imagine grape-like colas completely covered in trichomes. They are truly a work of art by Mother Nature!

From several meters away from the plant, you'll notice the tempting aroma of diesel and sweet toasted notes wafting through the air. Intrigued? Discover more about the charm of Gazzurple marijuana seeds and unlock their full potential.

Description: What are Gazzurple seeds?

The genetics of Gazzurple cannabis seeds originate from a meticulous breeding process. Crafted by experts at Humboldt Seed Company, these marijuana seeds result from crosses and backcrosses between the original strain (Gazzurple Bx2) and two luxurious parents, Poddy Mouth and Macaroon. Additionally, with a variable THC percentage ranging between 28% and 33%, it offers a potent effect.


Gazzurple marijuana seeds exhibit exceptional characteristics in their plants and buds. Firstly, the plants display a Sativa-like structure, while the flowers boast a dense structure with abundant resin more typical of indicas.

As the flowering cycle progresses, cooler temperatures stimulate the production of purple pigment anthocyanins, which helps enhance the purple pigment and adds a charming touch to the buds.

- Genetics: Gazzurple Bx2 x Poddy Mouth x Macaroon

- Marijuana seeds: Feminized

- Genotype: Sativa-dominant

- Indoor flowering: Up to 50 days

- Outdoor flowering: September 20th to October 5th

- THC: 28-33%

- Indoor yield: High

- Outdoor yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of Gazzurple seeds?

Are you prepared for an unforgettable experience? With Gazzurple cannabis seeds, get ready to enjoy potent effects that stimulate the mind and energize the body.

Gazzurple marijuana seeds can provide a powerful relaxation that spreads through the nervous system and creates a liberating sense of carefree bliss. You may notice tension dissipating as your muscles relax, making socializing easier. But growers can also benefit from this strain due to its adaptability and high yield. It's a surprisingly mold-resistant variety, making it a reliable choice for comfortable cultivation. Therefore, it's a strain that appeals to both consumers and cultivators.

How should Gazzurple seeds be consumed for the best results?

Whether smoked, vaporized, or used to create resin, the flavors and aromas are a delight to the senses. The aroma of diesel fuel, cream, and the sweet acidity of forest fruits will leave you amazed.

Furthermore, Gazzurple cannabis seeds are known for their potent effects, making them an excellent choice for recreational and creative use. Its energizing qualities make it suitable for daytime consumption and can enhance concentration and inspiration.

How does the germination process of Gazzurple seeds work?

Curious about how Gazzurple cannabis seeds germinate? Germination can be achieved through various methods, such as the paper towel technique, germination in soil, or germination in water. Each method has its advantages, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and experience level.

Cultivation Guide

Gazzurple marijuana seeds thrive in various cultivation methods, allowing growers to adapt their approach. The Indica-like structure of this variety and its resin-rich dense flowers make it suitable for techniques such as SCROG, SOG, or LST. Additionally, its mold resistance adds an extra layer of reliability, and it is also known for its easy-to-trim flower. They're a cultivator's dream!

Is it suitable for beginners?

Due to their adaptability, mold resistance, and moderate cultivation requirements, Gazzurple cannabis seeds can be suitable for beginners. However, it is recommended that beginners familiarize themselves with basic cultivation techniques and guidelines to ensure optimal growth and performance.

Flowering time

Gazzurple marijuana seeds have a flowering time of up to 50 days indoors. In outdoor cultivation, harvest usually takes place between late September and early October.

Germination time

Gazzurple strain generally has a germination period that varies from 2 to 10 days.

Time to harvest

Outdoors, Gazzurple cannabis seeds can be harvested between September 20th and October 5th. Indoor harvest occurs approximately at 50 days.

Hydro or soil?

One of the best qualities of Gazzurple marijuana seeds is that they thrive in various growing environments! Whether in soil, hydroponics, or other systems, these seeds perform well and deliver exceptional results.

Genetics of Gazzurple seeds

The genetics of Gazzurple cannabis seeds result from the combination of Poddy Mouth and Macaroon with the original Gazzurple Bx2 strain.

Are feminized seeds good for large harvests?

Yes, absolutely. Feminized seeds are ideal for achieving highly productive harvests.-