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Raspberry Parfait

Type :  Sativa dominant

Parentage :  Shishkaberry x Truffula Tree

Average THC :  22

Flavor / Taste:  Raspberries, Vanilla yoghurt, Berry

Effect :  Mind expanding, Ethereal, Uplifting, Creative

Flowering Time:  60 days (October 1-10th)

Similarities:  DJ Short Blueberry, Afghani, Cookie Monster, Kandy Kush, Humboldt OG

Raspberry Parfait Seeds

Among the fruity varieties of cannabis seeds, Raspberry Parfait seeds are some of the most popular and sought-after seeds. His unique aroma and high quality makes it one of the most demanded marijuana seed strains. Discover what makes them so special below.

Description: What are Raspberry Parfait Seeds?

These marijuana seeds were born in 2017 at Rising Leaf Farm, an Oregon-based farm. Raspberry Parfait seeds are the result of crossing Shishkaberry and Truffula Tree strains, resulting in a high-Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with a medium THC level of 22%.


Raspberry Parfait cannabis seeds are known for their vigorous, large-sized plants and high yields. Their round buds are distinguished by their orange pistils and resin-coated leaves, perfect for extractions. However, the standout characteristic of Raspberry Parfait seeds is their sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of raspberries with cream and vanilla. Few cannabis seeds can match the sweet and fruity aroma of this variety.

- Genetics: Shishkaberry and Truffula Tree

- Marijuana Seeds: Feminized seeds

- Genotype: Sativa-dominant (20% Indica, 80% Sativa)

- Indoor Flowering: Up to 60 days

- Outdoor Flowering: October 1st-10th

- THC: 22%

- Indoor Yield: High

- Outdoor Yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of Raspberry Parfait Seeds?

Thanks to their Sativa-dominant genetics and high THC levels, the effects of Raspberry Parfait cannabis seeds can be a strong mental stimulant. Users report that it opens the mind to new ideas and leads to reflection and introspection. Additionally, the terpene profile, such as terpinolene, is responsible for the delicious sweet and fruity aroma with floral notes. The dessert-like aroma of this strain is reminiscent of raspberries, yogurt, and vanilla.

How to Take Raspberry Parfait Seeds for Best Results?

The best way to enjoy all the smells and flavors mentioned above is by inhaling the smoke. However, Raspberry Parfait cannabis seeds are very versatile and can be taken in various ways. For example, their resinous buds are suitable for preparing hash, and they can also be used in concentrates and edibles.

How Does the Germination Process of Raspberry Parfait Seeds Work?

The germination process of Raspberry Parfait marijuana seeds depends on the method used. For example, they can be planted directly into soil, eliminating the risk of transplant shock, or they can be soaked in water, although this is not the most recommended method. 

The most popular method is to use four damp paper towels on a plate, placing the seeds a few centimeters apart and covering them with two more paper towels. The plate is then covered and kept in a dark place at a controlled temperature for a few days. It's important to ensure that the paper towels are damp, not wet.

Growing Guide

The Raspberry Parfait marijuana seeds are easy to cultivate both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they tend to produce dense buds with orange pistils and a thick layer of resin, and their yields can reach up to 450 grams per square meter. Outdoors, they tend to have a large central bud surrounded by smaller buds. Due to their Sativa dominance, they have a wide internodal distance.

Is It Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, it's a great option for beginners as it's easy to grow.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of Raspberry Parfait marijuana seeds is up to 60 days indoors and early October outdoors.

Germination Time

The germination time of these marijuana seeds is similar to other strains, taking between 2 and 10 days.

Harvest Time

The average harvest time for indoor plants is around 60 days, while outdoor plants can be harvested from 1st to 10th of October.

Hydro or Soil?

Raspberry Parfait marijuana seeds can be grown in both hydroponic and soil systems.

Genetics of Raspberry Parfait Seeds

The Raspberry Parfait strain comes from a winning family, resulting from the cross of Shishkaberry and Truffula Tree. Shishkaberry was the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup winner, while Truffula Tree was created to have the characteristics of Girl Scout Cookies and increase its production capacity.

Are Feminized Seeds Good for High Yields?

Yes, feminized seeds are perfect for obtaining large yields.