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Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush

Type :  Indica dominant

Parentage :  Humboldt Reserve OG x Asphalt Plant (All Gas OG)

Flavor / Taste:  OG, Gas / Fuel, Venom OG, Citrus, Terroso

Effect :  Uplifting, Non-drowsy, Talkative, Giggly

Flowering Time:  60 days (October 1-15th)

Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush Seeds

Looking for a unique marijuana seed variety that will awaken your senses and provide an unparalleled experience? Look no further. Discover Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush seeds, a special strain that will tantalize your taste buds and provide you with a euphoric feeling like no other.

This marijuana seed strain has been carefully crafted to offer the perfect blend of its parent strains, making it suitable for any type of grower.

But that's not all, learn more about its growth, effects, and production capabilities later on. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with these fantastic cannabis seeds!

Description: What are Slightly Stoopid Collie Man seeds?

Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush marijuana seeds from Humboldt Seed Company are a feminized hybrid with an Indica-dominant lineage that combines Asphalt Plant (All Gas OG), Humboldt Reserve OG, and Collie Man Kush strains. Furthermore, with THC content ranging from 22-26%, it is recommended for experienced enthusiasts.


Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush marijuana seeds enjoy a medium growth profile and can be grown in various systems and substrates. The plant that grows from these cannabis seeds produces a strong OG smell combined with a diesel-like aroma, and its smoke can create a relaxing, euphoric, and creative effect.

It is also noteworthy for offering good yields. In fact, Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush seeds produce vigorous and productive plants that grow strong. They have short leaves, orange pistils, and buds full of resin, and many trichomes.

- Genetics: Asphalt Plant, Humboldt Reserve OG, and Collie Man Kush

- Marijuana Seeds: Feminized and Regular Seeds

- Genotype: Indica-dominant

- Indoor Flowering: up to 60 days

- Outdoor Flowering: October 1-15

- THC: 22-26%

- Indoor Yield: High

- Outdoor Yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush seeds?

Slightly Stoopid Collie Man seeds have a series of benefits and effects that make them a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. For example, this strain can be ideal for those seeking a calming experience to unwind after a long day at work.

Its Kush parent strains and Indica dominance can provide intensely relaxing sensations without causing drowsiness. In addition, it can be effective in alleviating certain discomforts, such as anxiety and depression.

Aside from its effects, Slightly Stoopid Collie Man seeds have excellent production and versatility to withstand all types of growing environments. This makes it a suitable cannabis seed variety for all types of growers.

How should I take Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush seeds for the best results?

As is customary with marijuana seeds, the best way to savor all their aromas and benefits is to inhale their smoke. The smoke is smooth and has an intoxicating perfume that will fill the room for quite some time. The flavors are also impressive, with OG earthy taste and fuel notes that even surprise long-time consumers.

How does the germination process of Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush seeds work?

These marijuana seeds have a simple germination process regardless of the method you use. However, we recommend using the paper towel method.

First, gather four paper towels and dampen two of them with water, making sure they are not too wet, just moist. Then, place the cannabis seeds on the paper towels with enough space between them. Next, place the remaining two paper towels on top and put a plate to cover them.

Finally, place the seeds in a warm and dark place, such as a closet. Check the seeds every day and make sure the paper towel stays moist.

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Growing Guide 

Indoor cultivation of Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush cannabis seeds requires good lighting and nutrients for optimal growth. They especially benefit from a 20/4-hour lighting cycle. On the other hand, outdoor cultivation of the strain thrives with plenty of sunlight, good quality substrate, and fertilizers. Keep in mind that they have moderate growth and adapt well to different types of substrate.

Is it Suitable for Beginners? 

In general, Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush cannabis seeds are a unique and tasty variety suitable for all types of growers. However, it is especially recommended for outdoor growers who can take advantage of its adaptability and unique qualities. 

Flowering Time

The plant has a regular flowering period of about 60 days indoors and, in the case of outdoor crops, occurs in early October. 

Germination Time 

You can usually see Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush cannabis seeds germinate in about 2 days. However, don't worry if you don't see it at that time, as it can take up to 10 days to germinate. 

Harvest Time 

From October 1st to 15th, you can carry out the harvest outdoors. Indoors, it can be done in approximately 60 days

Hydro or Soil? 

Slightly Stoopid Collie Man seeds adapt well to all types of media, so you can choose hydroponics or soil based on your preferences and possibilities. 

What Height Will They Reach? 

Slightly Stoopid Collie Man seeds can produce plants that reach an average height of 90 to 170 centimeters in different types of cultivation. 

Genetics of Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush Seeds

Humboldt Seed Company created this variety from Asphalt OG (also known as All Gas OG), Collie Man Kush, and Humboldt Reserve OG

What Precautions Should I Take When Buying or Using Slightly Stoopid Collie Man Kush Seeds?
If you decide to get these seeds, make sure to
check the current legislation in your region to be able to cultivate responsibly.