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Autoflower Fem.
Sour Apple Auto

Type :  Sativa dominant (contains ruderalis genetics)

Parentage :  Magic Melon Auto x Humboldt Sour Diesel

Average THC :  20-24%

Flavor / Taste:  Apple, Gas / Fuel

Effect :  Uplifting and Ethereal

Flowering Time:  75-90 days from sprout

Sour Apple Auto Seeds

Discover the extraordinary Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Company, a captivating fusion of classic gasoline terpenes and a delicious fruity flavor of sour apple. With dense and eye-catching buds displaying fascinating shades of purple and green, and adorned with a sugary frost that sparkles like stars, these marijuana seeds are destined to captivate the eyes.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary autoflowering variety. Keep reading to delve into the world of Sour Apple Auto seeds and uncover their secrets.

Description: What are Sour Apple Auto seeds?

Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds inherit their genetics from the impressive parent strains Magic Melon Auto and Humboldt Sour Diesel. This gives them a Sativa dominance and THC levels ranging from 20% to 24%.

Furthermore, you can expect dense buds with attractive shades of purple and green, accompanied by a sugary frost. These cannabis seeds are perfect for growers seeking a variety with potent effects and captivating visual appeal.


When growing Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds, get ready for a visual feast! These plants reach a moderate height and feature sturdy stems and branches that support robust and dense buds.

As flowering progresses, the buds showcase charming spots of purple and bright green, accentuated by a thick layer of sugary frost. Prepare yourself for a sensory spectacle with its enticing aroma of sweet and sour apples, accompanied by hints of pungent Diesel fuel.

- Genetics: Magic Melon Auto and Humboldt Sour Diesel

- Marijuana Seeds: Autoflowering feminized

- Genotype: Sativa dominance

- Indoor Flowering: Full cycle of 75 to 85 days from germination

- Outdoor Flowering: Full cycle of 75 to 85 days from germination

- THC: 20-24%

- Indoor Yield: High

- Outdoor Yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of Sour Apple Auto seeds?

There are several benefits of Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds worth mentioning. With THC levels ranging from 20% to 24%, this strain can offer a stimulating and uplifting experience that surpasses the limitations of typical autoflowering varieties.

Its dense buds, profusely coated with a thick and shiny layer of resin, will impress even the most experienced growers. With them, you can enjoy exceptional resin production, potent effects, and the opportunity to cultivate an autoflowering variety with THC levels typically reserved for photoperiod strains.

How should Sour Apple Auto seeds be consumed for best results?

When consuming Sour Apple Auto, you'll get lost in an unparalleled sensory experience. Inhale the dense and refined smoke as it transforms and fills the air with the bittersweet aroma of apples mixed with a hint of pungent Diesel.

As the sweet and sour flavors intoxicate your taste buds, Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds can provide an uplifting and euphoric high. It can be helpful for enhancing creativity and enjoying a good time with friends.

How does the germination process of Sour Apple Auto seeds work?

Germinating Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds is a breeze. You have multiple options: the paper towel method, where the seeds are placed between moist paper towels until they sprout; the soil method, where the seeds are directly planted in pre-moistened soil; or the water method, where the seeds are soaked in water for 24h and then placed into paper or soil.

Growing Guide

Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds thrive in various cultivation methods, making them highly versatile and adaptable. While they don't necessarily require stakes or supports, providing support to the branches during flowering can help maximize yields.

In terms of climate, Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds can withstand temperate climates and perform well in both natural and artificial light environments. It is recommended to maintain optimal humidity levels and provide adequate airflow for healthy growth.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds are highly suitable for beginner growers. Thanks to their vigorous growth, resilience, and adaptability, they are very easy to work with.

Flowering Time

The life cycle of the plant ranges from 75 to 85 days.

Germination Time

Sour Apple Auto cannabis seeds typically germinate within 2 to 10 days.

Time to Harvest

The full cycle of Sour Apple Auto marijuana seeds is up to 85 days from germination.

Hydro or Soil?

The Sour Apple Auto strain from Humboldt Seed Company thrives in various cultivation environments, including soil, hydroponics, and other mediums. They adapt well to different setups, allowing growers to choose the method that suits them best.

How tall will they grow?

Sour Apple Auto plants can reach medium heights, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation with limited vertical space.

Genetics of Sour Apple Auto seeds

Sour Apple Auto seeds are a cross between Humboldt Sour Diesel and Magic Melon Auto.