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Type :  Sativa dominant

Parentage :  BBM x Tang #118

Average THC :  20%

Flavor / Taste:  Sweet and tart grapefruit, Plum

Effect :  Energizing, Functional, Happy, Uplifted

Flowering Time:  50 days (Sept 20th - Oct. 5th)

Similarities:  California Orange, Tangerine Dream, Orange Bud

Squirt Seeds

Get ready to explore Squirt cannabis seeds: experience a stimulating burst of energy and vitality with this extraordinary hybrid. Its stunning purple and green buds are as captivating as its flavor profile, a delightful fusion of sweet and tangy grapefruit. Created through the phenotype selection at 8 Mile Fam Farms and the meticulous breeding efforts at Humboldt Seed Company, Squirt marijuana seeds from Humboldt Seed Company offer a consistent chemotype, notable terpenes, and are a dream come true for extractors.

Don't miss out on this rare gem! Learn more about the effects of Squirt cannabis seeds, cultivation techniques, and its delectable characteristics. Keep reading to uncover the secrets of this exceptional strain.

Description: What are Squirt seeds?

Squirt cannabis seeds inherit their exceptional qualities from their parent strains: Blueberry Muffin and Tangie. From them, this predominantly Sativa hybrid with a genetic composition of 20% Indica and 80% Sativa has emerged. With moderate levels of THC at 20%, it provides an energetic and functional high that can enhance concentration.

Growers will appreciate its stability and consistent chemotype. Moreover, its impressive purple and green buds, combined with its sweet and tangy grapefruit flavor, make it visually and gustatorily irresistible.


Get mesmerized by the stunning beauty of Squirt cannabis seeds. These plants boast a slender structure, typical of Sativas, and reach a tall height. It's worth noting that the buds they produce are a spectacle to behold, with impressive purple flowers intertwined with vibrant shades of bright green.

But it's not just their appearance that captivates; their aroma is an exotic blend of sweet raspberry pastry with a creamy touch, complemented by citrusy hints reminiscent of grapefruit or orange. Squirt is a variety that will delight you with its tempting flavor—a delightful mix of sweetness and acidity.

- Genetics: Blueberry Muffin and Tangie

- Marijuana Seeds: Feminized

- Genotype: Predominantly Sativa

- Indoor Flowering: Up to 50 days

- Outdoor Flowering: September 20th to October 5th

- THC: 20%

- Indoor Yield: High

- Outdoor Yield: High

What are the main benefits and effects of Squirt seeds?

Squirt cannabis seeds offer a multitude of benefits. Firstly, with their predominantly Sativa genetics, they can provide energizing effects perfect for engaging in recreational activities. However, it particularly stands out for its high yield potential of up to 450 grams per square meter indoors and 600 grams per plant outdoors, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Additionally, this variety exhibits exceptional resistance to adverse conditions and diseases, making it easier to cultivate. Lastly, Squirt marijuana seeds boast impressive resin production, ideal for those seeking quality extractions.

How should Squirt seeds be consumed for best results?

Make the most of the sensory experience of Squirt marijuana seeds as you inhale the smoke from their delicious buds. As the flavors dance on your taste buds and the aromas fill the air, you'll embark on a sweet journey. Let the sweet and tangy notes of grapefruit seduce your palate, while the exotic hints of raspberry pastry and creaminess transport you to a world of pastry delights.

Furthermore, Squirt's effects can be truly uplifting and invigorating, thanks to its Sativa dominance. They are perfect for engaging in activities, spending quality time with friends, or enjoying a beautiful evening, as they can enhance concentration and provide a quick and energetic high.

How does the germination process of Squirt seeds work?

Germinating Squirt cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Company is straightforward. Choose the method you prefer, but make sure the environment is dark, warm, and humid to promote germination.

Whether you prefer the traditional method of paper towels, the convenience of soil, or the simplicity of water, you can be confident that these resilient seeds will germinate and thrive with proper care.

Growing Guide

While suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, Squirt marijuana seeds thrive when provided ample space to stretch their slender structure (typical of Sativas). Likewise, stakes or supports can be beneficial to hold the branches, which are always laden with resinous buds.

Moreover, this strain can adapt to different climatic conditions, but a temperate climate is ideal for optimal growth. Indoors, ensuring a consistent 12/12 light cycle during flowering is necessary.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Although Squirt cannabis seeds are suitable for all skill levels, their slight cultivation complexity may make them more suitable for experienced growers.

Flowering Time

Indoor flowering of Squirt marijuana seeds lasts approximately 50 days. Outdoors, it extends from late September to early October. 

Germination Time

Squirt marijuana seeds typically germinate within a period of 2 to 10 days.

Time to Harvest

Indoor growers can harvest Squirt marijuana seeds after a flowering period of approximately 50 days. Outdoor growers can harvest between September 20th and October 5th

Hydro or Soil?

Squirt marijuana seeds thrive in both soil and hydroponic environments.

Genetics of Squirt seeds

Squirt cannabis seeds are the result of meticulous breeding, combining the genetics of Blueberry Muffin and Tangie.

Are feminized seeds good for producing large yields?

Yes, if you're looking for a large harvest, feminized seeds are the ideal choice.