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Strawberry Cheesecake

Type :  Indica dominant

Parentage :  P.P.D x G.S.C Forum Cut

Average THC :  28

Flavor / Taste:  Strawberry, Sweet cheese notes

Effect :  Balanced Uplifting High

Flowering Time:  65 days (October 1-15th)

Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds 

Have you heard of the delicious and highly potent marijuana seeds called Strawberry Cheesecake? If not, you've come to the right place because we're going to tell you all about these cannabis seeds. This creation from Humboldt Seed Company has been specially designed to be a treat for the senses. Its aroma of strawberry topping melted butter, and cheesecake in general will make you rediscover your love for all things sweet. 

Moreover, it's high yield and compact size make it a dream strain to cultivate indoors. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Strawberry Cheesecake seeds. 

What Are Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds?

It's time to talk about their genetics because they are truly remarkable. This potent cannabis strain arises from the crossbreeding of two legendary varieties from Humboldt Seed Company, the Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut (Forum GSC), and Purple Panty Dropper. Thanks to this, it offers all the flavors of a cheesecake recipe while delivering an incredible high. Furthermore, with its Indica dominance (70% Indica 30% Sativa) and a high THC concentration ranging from 28% to 30%, Strawberry Cheesecake seeds can induce a physically relaxing effect, perfect for unwinding after a long day. 


From the compact size of its plants to their resinous buds and delightful flavors, Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds have a lot to offer. When grown indoors, the plant maintains a compact size, making it easy to manage. Additionally, they are very resinous, making them perfect for extractions. In outdoor settings, they can grow taller. 

However, the most striking characteristic is their impressive aroma, creating the perfect combination of strawberry, sour cream, and cream cheese, reminiscent of a classic cheesecake recipe. And the final touch of strawberry jam alongside melted butter will make you feel like you're next to a freshly baked cheesecake. 

- Genetics: Purple Panty Dropper and Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut (Forum GSC) 

- Marijuana Seeds: Feminized

- Genotype: Indica-dominant 

- Indoor Flowering: Up to 65 days

- Outdoor Flowering: October 1st to 15th 

- THC: 20-30%

- Indoor Yield: High

- Outdoor Yield: High

Key Benefits and Effects of Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds 

If you're looking for fast-growing cannabis seeds with abundant yields, Strawberry Cheesecake seeds offer that and more. In outdoor settings, they can produce up to a kilogram per plant! Additionally, with a flowering time of around 65 days, you won't have to wait long to see the results.

Moreover, its high THC concentration provides a high that can produce stimulating and energizing effects while mixing a relaxed and calm physical state. It's the perfect balance! We should also mention that their resinous buds make them ideal for resin extraction, which is always appreciated.

How to Consume Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds for the Best Results?

If you're a cannabis seed enthusiast, you probably already know that the best way to appreciate all their aromas and achieve the best results is by inhaling the smoke from their plants. That's the ideal way to experience the full potential of their THC levels while enjoying the fruity flavor of strawberry sauce and the sweet and creamy aromas of cheesecake. 

How Does the Germination Process of Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds Work? 

Germinating Strawberry Cheesecake seeds is a piece of cake, and there are various methods you can use. 

If you opt for the classic paper towel method, you simply need to moisten the paper towel with mineral water, place the seeds between the layers, and keep them in a warm and dark place until they germinate. However, if you prefer, you can also plant them directly in soil, ensuring to keep the substrate moist and at the right temperature. 

If you prefer to keep a close eye on your marijuana seeds, you can soak them for the first 24h in water. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which method you choose because it's a straightforward and uncomplicated process. 

Cultivation Guide 

Once your Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds have germinated, it's time to start their cultivation. Fortunately, they are very versatile plants that thrive in different growing environments.

For example, in indoor cultivations, Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana plants grow compact and do not reach great heights. This makes them easy to manage and suitable for small spaces. Additionally, they respond very well to methods focused on frequent pruning. 

On the other hand, in outdoor settings, they grow taller and greatly benefit from warm climates and abundant irrigation. But regardless of the medium you choose, with proper care and attention, Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds are a fairly easy variety to cultivate.

Suitable for Beginners? 

Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds are a great choice for both novices and experienced growers. With their ease of cultivation and high yield, they offer satisfying results for anyone interested in cannabis seed cultivation. 

Flowering Time

Strawberry Cheesecake seeds have a flowering time of 65 days indoors and during the first weeks of October outdoors. 

Germination Time

In 2 to 10 days, your Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds will work their magic, and their little roots will start to emerge and make themselves known to the world. 

Time to Harvest 

In just 65 days of flowering, your Strawberry Cheesecake cannabis seeds will have plants ready for harvest. For outdoor growers, the harvest takes place between October 1st and 15th

Hydro or Soil? 

Hydro or soil? The choice is yours! Whether you prefer the traditional feel of soil or know how to make the most of the technological advantages of hydroponics, Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds thrive in any environment.

Genetics of Strawberry Cheesecake Seeds 

With these seeds, you can have the best of both worlds! Strawberry Cheesecake marijuana seeds were born from the crossbreeding of Forum GSC and Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut (Forum GSC).

This has resulted in a potent 70% Indica, 30% Sativa hybrid. With such impressive genetics, you can expect a truly unique and unforgettable cultivation experience.

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